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To become a Member our with the UNIVERSAL NEGRO IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION AND AFRICAN COMMUNITIES LEAGUE please read the following classification and application process.

Classification of Members

All members shall hold a primary classification as either adult or juvenile, and a secondary classification of either active; inactive; probationary; registered; ordinary; or, applicant. Active members are those (a) who’s dues are current, (b) unless for good cause shown wherein they are excused by the President, have maintained regular attendance (not less than 70%) at all business meetings for at least six consecutive months, and (c) who are or during the said six month period have been, physically involved in the actual work of furthering and fulfilling the goals, objectives, programs and activities of the Division, Chapter, Auxiliary, or Subordinate Society.

Inactive members are members of 1 year of more, whose dues are current, but, they do not regularly attend business meetings and/or, are not physically involved in the actual work of furthering and fulfilling the goals, objectives, programs and activities.
Probationary members are dues paying members whose application has been accepted and on file for less than one full year.
Registered members are members whose application is on file and have at one time paid dues, but have allowed their dues to lapse for sixty days or more.

Ordinary members include all persons of Negro blood and African descent.
Applicants are persons of interest who have turned in their application for membership and or paid their joining and annual fees but have not started orientation.


All probationers shall remain under supervision of the Membership Committee for not less than one full year.
At the conclusion of the probation period indicated in section 1 above, and, after successful completion of a series of test designed and issued by the Membership Committee, all probationers shall be duly classified as “active members.”

Intake Process

Any person of interest must apply directly to the Division, Chapter, Auxiliary or Subordinate Society for a membership application. If no such Division, Chapter, Auxiliary, or Subordinate Society exist within their area, download the membership application from this wedsite, fill it out and mail it to:

PO BOX 6657
CLEVELAND, OHIO 44101-1657

If you are unable to download the application you can request and application by writing to the Membership Department at the Parent Body Headquarters or go to the menu bar under contact us and request a membership application on the Inquiry Form.
When your application is received you will be placed on an “Applicants Membership List,” that will be kept by the Office of the President-General at the Parent Body Headquarters. A copy of your application will be forwarded to the appropriate officers for investigation, submission, and recommendation; or, shall be assign to a Division, Chapter, Auxiliary, or Subordinate Society that is nearest to your location for investigation.

All membership applications must be typed or printed, contain an original signature with valid id, the address cannot be a post office box, must list legal name and any names the individual is also known as,. must include a color photograph (portrait view approximately 2 x 2), and must provide a bio or resume. A typed copy of the Preamble must be signed, dated, and attached to each application.

The application and intake process shall be year round All applicants must go through an orientation processes to be held at the closes chapter or division in your area.

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Charter Request

All Charter Request must have a have a minimum of seven interested individuals who collectively shall::
apply in writing to the Office of the Secretary-General who shall forward such to the President-General for investigation, submission, and recommendation to the Potentate and Supreme Commissioner at Executive Council or Convention; state the nature of the request, include completed individual membership applications for each Charter Applicant , also include a group photo of all Charter Applicants, and a Charter Fee of $1,000.00 in the form of certified check or money order, or, show in writing good cause why the fee should be waived.

All applicants for a Charter who have not otherwise completed the Orientation Process shall: be referred by the President-General to the High Commissioner- General who shall designate the appropriate District Commissioner to visit the Charter Applicants and deliver basic orientation and instruction. unless otherwise provided by the Executive Council, expenses for the Commissioner’s meals, travel, lodging, transportation, and other necessary accommodations will be incurred by the Charter applicant


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